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Airport Baggage Battle
Airport Baggage Battle

Its Holiday time, welcome to the airport and the world of baggage sorting.

Have you ever wondered how your luggage makes it to the right plane, or why sometimes it doesn't! Now you can take charge in Airport Baggage Battle.

Your job is to sort the bags on the conveyors and make sure the luggage makes it to the right plane. You start life as a lowly trainee operator, but with hard work and reliable sorting you'll quickly earn experience points and work your way up the management ladder.

You'll earn in game coins for each suitcase correctly sorted, however you'll lose cash if bags go astray. In game coins can be used to purchase speed controllers, truck customisations, stickers, etc.

Keep an eye open for the bonus sticker bags, sort these correctly and you'll build a nifty collection of world stickers.

Download Airport Baggage Battle now, sorted!

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