Galatic Droids

Alien Face Invaders
You are the controller of the 5 enormous quantum fusion Lasers stationed on Mars. Your job is to defend the Solar System against an alien invasion using the humongous power of these formidable weapons.

Normally its a slow day but today you're in luck, The Alien Face Invaders have arrived!

The Alien Face Invaders are intent on taking over the Earth, but first they must get past your Martian defence position. The alien space ships are not equipped with weapons, instead they use suicidal tactics, and dive head first towards Mars and your control station.

Perhaps this explains their rather maniacal expressions.

You task is simple, blow'em all to bits, keep your laser active and save the Earth.

From the golden era of video games we bring you this retro classic, you'll need all your skill, fast fingers dexterity, and perhaps just a little luck to defeat these little maniacal monsters from outer space.

Another fabulous shoot'em up from our retro arcade game series, get it now. 

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