Galatic Droids

Arachnoids, Attack of the space spiders

Thanks for volunteering to save the Earth in this retro arcade space shooter.

The Arachnoids are invaders from another galaxy. They have crossed light years of space time in order to claim our most desirable little planet for the Spider Empire. Your job is to defeat the evil space spiders, save the Earth and make the universe a safe place once more.

Space spider invaders are the most feared species in the Galaxy, they are not really evil. No, its because they reproduce at a staggering rate, either by spontaneous division or by laying spider eggs which very quick reach full maturity.

The inevitable result is a population explosion like nothing on Earth and so the Arachnoids are continuously searching for new planets to colonise.

You must stop the Space Spiders before their number grows out of control.

Download Arachnoids now and help save the planet

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