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Burger Builder
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Build a bigger better, beefier Burger in beautiful 3D.

Play freestyle to build giant burger stacks, or against the clock if you have fast fingers. Take orders and build the biggest best burgers in burger town. Once you've completed the order, hit the bell to serve the order and then move onto the next order.

The more orders you complete the more you earn, you only have 60 seconds so you'll need to be quick. Over $10 is good, over $20 is fabulous and over $30 is just incredible.

In freestyle mode you can build incredible burger towers, with as many layers and toppings as you want. Go super size wit the “plus” button, or if watching your weight then slim down with the “minus” button. To start a fresh burger just click on the trash can.

Download "Burger Builder" now, its tasty! 

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