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Candy Grabber
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If you have a sweet tooth then this candy crane game is for you. 

We've all played those candy crane grabbing machines at the arcades, now you can play the “calorie free” version on your mobile or tablet. 

Use the joystick to move the claw, then hit the button to scoop up as many sweets as possible. Its in 3D and uses real physics, its very easy though and you'll soon have a bag full of sweets, click on the candy bag to see all the confectionery you have collected. 

Its perfect for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc :- 

Its Calorie free and wont rot your teeth! 

Click on the Candy man if you need the sweet chute unblocking. 

Download Candy Grabber now, and fill your pockets with a wide selection of penny sweets.

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