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Can I have it ?

Here's a new idea in Dieting :- No calorie counting, No exercise, No special meals, and No cost.

This simple little app takes a different approach :-
Whenever you are about to treat yourself to something unhealthy, sticky, sweet, a snack , crisps, etc :- just pause for a second, fire up our little healthy eating app and ask the question “Can I have it ?”

When you first start the app it will say Yes most of time time, however over time it starts to say “No” more often thereby gradually weaning you off those sticky puddings, in-between meal treats, that odd packet of crisps etc. 

Finally remember “Can I Have It” is NOT used on main meals, we don't want anybody skipping dinner or breakfast. Its used for those in between meals snacks, for those lovely deserts you like so much. This App is not intended to replace medical advice, it has not been approved by any official heath organisation and should only be used as part of a calorie controlled diet. Its goal is to make you conscious of what you eat, and help you cut out those unhealthy treats.

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