Galatic Droids

Cow Caves of Mars

Far far in the future, the cows have eaten all the grass on Earth, after earth they were taken to Mars to graze on the tasty Martian grass and the fabled blue daisy - the tastiest treat in the whole solar system.

Martian grass and especially the Blue Daisy have a rather strange effect on Earth metabolism, specifically causing large amount of ... excess methane. Combine this with the low gravity on Mars and suddenly COW'S CAN FLY by fart power!

You job is to guide Moooie, a very hungry Frisian cow through the caverns of Mars in search of grass and her favourite snack - the Blue Daisy.

Points are scored the deeper you travel, extra point for grass, mushrooms, etc, There are 3 difficulty levels, with more points awarded for the harder levels. We have a global high score table so you can post your score world wide if you like.

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