Galatic Droids

Donkey Dash Derby
We're off to the horse races with this fairground favourite.

Easy to play, just throw your ping pong balls into the holes to race your horse towards the finish line. If your pony is the first across the finish line then you'll win a hand full of tickets.

Compete with your friends online to see who can collect the most tickets and also unlock new cute donkeys.  The more you play, the more you win, the more tickets you collect!

Click on your lane number to change your donkey, initially there are 5 to choose from but there are more available as you collect winning tokens.

Collect tokens to unlock other horses, including hula horse, Steam punk pony and disco donkey. Another of our fabulous retro carnival games,

Donkey Dash Derby. Download Donkey Dash Derby now, pull up a seat and roll the balls into the holes to be first across the line.

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