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E Card Designer - Flowers

Design your own e-cards and send them to friends & family.

Save a tree send an eco-friendly E-card. Much kinder to the environment than traditional greetings cards. Designer E cards show people you really care since you have taken the time to make something truly special and unique.

Quick and easy to use with loads of fantastic templates to get you started, it is simple to come up with that very special and completely unique e card, no artistic skill is required.

Why send E cards :-
Environmentally friendly, no trees need to die.
Design a unique card to show somebody you really care for them and the environment.
Cheaper then sending flowers, but just as special.
Quick and easy to use, no artistic talent is required.

When to send our E cards :-
Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Wedding cards, Engagement cards, Valentines cards, Mothers day cards, Fathers day cards, Happy Easter cards, Get Well Soon cards, Missing you cards, Congratulations cards, Halloween cards, On holiday instead of a postcard, Just to say hello, In place of an email.

In fact you don't need an excuse to send an E card, they are so quick and easy to use your partner may even send you an e-card asking for a cup of tea while still in bed!

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