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Exterme Ice Hockey
Extreme Ice Hockey

This is a fast paced, speed skating, high scoring game of Extreme Ice Hockey.

Choose your favourite team, select your formation, play 1 on 1 or against the computer. Click a player, skate towards the hockey punk, make that slap shot and score to win!!!!

Choose from 4 different game speeds, Slow is a game of strategy, get your players into the right positions to score big goals. Medium speeds are games of skill, passing, dribbling, defending and shooting. Fast speed is a game of quick reactions, dexterity and perhaps a little luck.

Choose from 8 different attacking formations, play 5-a-side, 3-a-side, sevens, etc.

Choose the length of each game from 20 seconds all the way up to 10 minutes.

Tactics are up to you, but we try to leave a player covering the goal if possible. Its fast paced, with realistic physics so you know there's going to be lots of COOL fun.

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