Galatic Droids

Face Invaders

Face Invaders - Pie your mates!

Blast your friends with custard pies and cream cakes in this hilarious food fight meets space invaders classic arcade game.

Fling flan at your teachers, chuck chocolate cake at the boss, toss cupcakes at your little sister, throw mud pie at mom, its fun fun fun!

Add any pictures from your gallery, face recognition software will automatically detect faces so its very quick and easy to add in your ... pastry targets.

You can also add in your own face picture as the defending ship, but be warned the face invaders will give as good as they get and you'll probably get creamed, dough!

Of course you can add any images you like, they don't have to be faces. You can very easily make your own unique space invaders game for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. You could have pictures of cars, guitars, angry birds, or even little aliens space creatures. Any pictures on your phone can be used, you can download internet pictures using your web browser and use them, or take pictures with your camera app.

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