Galatic Droids

Firework Invaders

The space invaders are attacking again, but they've picked the wrong night. 

Tonight we have a little red truck full of fireworks :- bangers, Roman candles, sparklers and most important Rockets which are just perfect for shooting down unsuspecting alien space ships. 

Whether its New Year, Diwali, July the 4th or November 5th (Bonfire night) makes no difference. We've got rockets and we're going to use them!

Those galaxy invading aliens wont know what hit them! With lots of bangs, whooshes, crackles and of course fireworks this is a fantastic little retro game straight form the classic arcade days.

Perfect for New Year, Bonfire Night, Diwali, The Festival of Lights, Thanksgiving, weddings, birthday parties or any other occasion when you want to celebrate with fireworks.

Download Firework Invaders now, its a blast. 

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