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Fish Tank Games
Fish Tank Games

Size of a Gold Fish, yes you've been shrunk down so small that you can now go scuba diving in your own fish tank.

Play with the angle fish, swim through the Roman castle ruins, collect gems, play games to earn coins then pop along to the fish shop to get special fish tank goodies and exotic breeds.

Mini games include :- Gem Catcher, Loopy Hoops, Catch the Piranha, Clean the glass and you can be sure we'll add more mini games in the future.

At the Aquarium shop you can get Star fish, Sea Horses, Pearls, Pirate treasure, jelly fish, wishing stones, and even a cool mini sub!

Again pop back regularly to see if we add more toys and tank ornaments.

Download Fish Tank Games now :- Just chill swimming around the aquarium, play the mini games or head to the shop and make your tank that little bit special.

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