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The Halloween Board Game
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Welcome honoured guests to our spooky Halloween Trick or Treat board game.

Its a board game for 1 to 4 brave players, first player to scream their way to the top wins. Have your candy bags at the ready to collect as much sweet stuff as possible.

Every candy cane, lollipop and piece of gingerbread will help you on your way. Try to avoid sliding down gravestones, green slimy monsters, and tripping over the witches broom stick as they'll all set you back a few squares.

So the games is kinda like snakes and ladders, with candy giving you more energy to make it to the top, and scary spooky stuff to slow you down. Up to 4 people can play, choose your piece from cute ghosts, cuddly Frankenstein monsters, cool vampires, mummies, witches, zombie, etc.

You can play with your friends and family, or play against your phone - if you are courageous enough to play alone.

Download our spooky Halloween Trick or Treat Board game today, you can even play if it not Halloween ... go on - be daring.

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