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How Many Dots

How Many Dots ? 

Don't count the dots, train your brain to recognise shape and structure and you wont need to count the dots. 

This is a very easy game to play, just count the dots and press the correct answer. The maximum number of dots is around a dozen, so its not difficult. The challenge is recognising patterns, shape and structure so you can answer the question quickly and get big points. 

After a short while you'll find your focus and wont be counting dots at all, it will come naturally. 

Fore example :- How many legs does a donkey have ? 

You don't count them, no you instantly see it in your brain and picture 1 at each corner and you know there are 4. (Unless of course its a wonky donkey and only has 3 legs, sorry couldn't resist). 

Anyway this game will help train your brain to recognise patterns so after a little time you will automatically see shape and structure so you wont actually need to count the dots. 

We believe the process helps in learning and mental agility, building cognitive ability, improves basic maths skills, focus, concentration and on top of that its brilliant fun as well. 

Tactics : Make patterns in your head, use color, divide the dots up into groups of 3,4,5. Add them together. Initially you can just count the dots on the screen, but as the game gets faster your brain will need to recognise patterns of dots then quickly add them together.

The quicker you get the answer the more points you'll earn. 

Deceptively easy, just count the dots. Get your brain in gear, just count the dots. 

Frustratingly hard, just count the dots.

Improves your focus and concentration, just count the dots. 

Brain training has never been this much fun. 

And remember to master this game, dont count the dots!

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