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Hungry Crocs
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Hungry Crocs :- for up to 4 players 

Here we have another family favourite Hungry Crocs (Hippos were already taken) . 

These crocodiles are so hungry they'll eat anything, which is a good job because all we have is ticking alarm clocks! Up to 4 people can play, simply click and drag on any of the coloured Crocodiles or coloured buttons on the side of the screen. Guide your croc through the water, get him close enough to a clock he'll do the rest. The crocodile that eats the most clocks is the winner. 

The crocodiles and alligators can barge each other around and will occasionally give another crocodile a playful bite to pirate its treasure. 

In the background you can see a pirate ship and maybe some huge sea turtles lashed together with human hair. Sorry that a different film entirely. Never mind, its a fairy easy game, with great dead pan humour, that just wont peter out, we can tell you're already hooked, so have a splash - it disney take long. 

Download Hungry Crocs now and make it Snappy. BTW Hungry Crocs is short for Hungry Crocodiles, not the shoe. Hungry Shoes would be silly even for us.

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