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Jungle Maze
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Can you escape from Jungle Maze, avoid the lions & tigers and pick up a few choice gems on the way. You will need to collect at least 3 gems to open a door to the outside world.

Select one of four animal characters to guide through the jungle maze, chose from :- Beckham the Zebra, Mozart the Elephant, Sophie the Cheeky Monkey and a Giraffe called Justin.

The first levels are quite easy to get you started, later mazes are much harder with larger more complex mazes filled with many more leopards, tigers and lions. There are lots are different levels and an infinite number of random mazes to keep you amused.

Points are scored for each jewel collected, with bonus points awarded for collecting all the gems on a level. Compete with your friends to see who can collect the most gems. Some levels are against the clock, while others are a more relaxed wander through twisting and winding tunnels in the labyrinth.

If you like mazes then this app is for you. If you like giraffes. elephants, lions and monkeys then this app is for you. If you like football … then give it a try anyway :-)

Top Tip :-Take a good look at the maze at the start of the level as the camera starts to zoom in.

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