Galatic Droids

Marble Slide

Marble Slide. 

Slide down the most spectacular slides that the galaxy has to offer. 

Go as fast or as slow as you like, make amazing jumps, just stay on the slide. 

Whizz down the marble slide, faster and faster, collect bonus features, grab gems & coins, level up, race as fast as you can - just don't fall out. Watch out for bombs, they will blow out a section of the slide but with skill and a little practise you'll be able to make the jump. 

You'll sometimes come across other marbles, don't worry they can't harm you although they will collect all the coins, bonus features, gems, etc. so its important to get past them. And of course if the other marbles run into a bomb then they will blow out sections of the slide. 

If you fall out of the slide, then there is a chance to make it back in again, but you'll need to be fast and you'll need to be lucky. 

If you're an adrenaline junkie then try sliding on the edge, make awesome jumps out of the slide and try and land safely on it again. 

Invite your friends and see who can slide their way to the top of the world high score table. 

Download Marble Slide now, Live the dream and slide the slide. 

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