Galatic Droids

Meteors, Asteroids, & Fireballs
Meteors, Asteroids, & Fireballs

Space is a dangerous place, filled with Meteors, Asteroids and Fireballs.

To get home you must fly your mighty star cruiser through asteroid fields, meteors and fireballs in this fun filled arcade classic from yesteryear.

Which are the most dangerous I hear you ask ?

Meteors are small, easy to blow up in a single shot but are harder to hit. Even though meteors are small they will still smash your ships into smithereens.

Fireballs, easy to see but wow they move fast. Fireball will obliterate your ship into tiny pieces and then burn them.

Asteroids, slower moving. Much bigger then meteors, however they can break up into several smaller chunks which will still crush your ship.

So meteors, asteroids and fireballs are all very very dangerous, shoot them, avoid them, or perish!

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