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Motorcycle Madness
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Jump on your motocross bike and wheelie into the hills, shoot down enemy helicopters & planes, jump over mines, and climb rugged mountains on your wheelie machine.

There are 6 levels to complete, each a little more challenging then the last.

Watch out for mines, you can either jump over them or try to blow them up by shooting them. Enemy choppers will try to destroy your motorbike, luckily you are equipped mini cannons so you have ample fire power to defend your motocross bike.

The attacking fighter jet planes move quickly, but it is possible to shoot them down if you have good reactions.

If you're into bike stunts then try and jump over them, and if the terrain is right its even possible to do a 360 loop over one!

Keep moving, don't get stuck and don't fall off or the enemy will quickly finish you.

Download Motorcycle Madness now, jump on your dirt bike and get out there.

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