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Mutation is an arcade style, virus shooting game. 

You control two medical lasers and have to target mutated alien cells before they completely infect your patient. One laser by itself does not have the power to kill any cells, only the combined power of the two medical lasers can do the job. 

Your skill as a doctor and surgeon will be tested to the limit, take care not to irradiate the healthy red blood cells. However there are occasions when sacrificing a few healthy cells may insure the health of your patient so plan your strategy with care. 

Mutated cells are very contagious and will quickly infect any healthy blood cells they come into contact with. Mutated cells can also divide, so you'll need to be quick or the disease will quickly get out of hand and become a pandemic. 

To progress to the next level your laser treatment will need to have left at least one healthy blood cell. The hardest part of this game without a doubt is controlling the two lasers, its like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time, while planing a survival strategy. After a short while though it becomes automatic and then you can concentrate your full attention on saving the patience. 

Download Mutation now, pop on your surgeons mask and start blasting those alien mutated cells.

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