Galatic Droids

 Nail Stickers
Nail Stickers, Pimp your nails!

You can have beautiful nails with this fabulous selection of finger nail stickers.

Select your nail color, work on a single nail or all 5 at once. Its easy to come up with fabulous designs, even for those with no artistic ability. Just drag and drop :- decorate your nails with beautiful decals of unicorns, cute animals, dragons, hearts, flowers, etc. Then share your gorgeous nail designs with your friends, family or even your local salon.

Quick Instructions :-
Use left hand side arrows to select your nail color.
Then drag pictures of Hearts, Flowers, Chocolates, cute animals etc. onto your nails.
Use +, - buttons to change the size and curved arrow buttons to rotate.
And finally share the picture of your stunning nails with your friends.

App Screenshots
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