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Play Sheet Music

This app is designed to let absolute beginners play simple sheet music, instantly. 

There is no need to learn what the notes are, or to memorise the keys on a piano or frets on a guitar. 

Instead simply download our little app, then click on the lines and gaps on the screen - its that easy.

    Popcorn Chicks
Theses excitable chicks have so much energy that they not only 'pop' out of their shells, they also pop right out of their comfy nest.

Your job is to catch the lovable chicks in your warm and cosy wicker basket. You can also catch specials, for additional points, more lives, etc.

Meteors, Asteroids & Fireballs

Space is a dangerous place, filled with Meteors, Asteroids and Fireballs. 

Which are the most dangerous I hear you ask ?

Meteors, asteroids and fireballs are all very very dangerous, shoot them, avoid them, or perish! 

     Alien Face Invaders

You are the controller of the 5 enormous quantum fusion Lasers stationed on Mars. Your job is to defend the Solar System against an alien invasion using the humongous power of these formidable weapons. 

Normally its a slow day but today you're in luck, The Alien Face Invaders have arrived! 

Moon Lander

Welcome to Moon Lander, this is a lunar landing style game where you have to safely land the lunar module on the moon. 

Sounds easy, however the moon is very craggy and the lunar capsule is basically made of tinfoil so its very fragile, so you'll need to be very careful. 


Arachnoids, Attack of the space spiders 

Thanks for volunteering to save the Earth in this retro arcade space shooter. The Arachnoids are invaders from another galaxy. 

They have crossed light years of space time in order to claim our most desirable little planet for the Spider Empire.

Sub Hunter

This game is typical of games from the 1980's that you might have played on your home computer, perhaps a Sinclair spectrum or Commodore 64.

You control the warship at the top of the screen, and must drop depth charges to blow up the killer subs below.


  Torpedoes Away

Your job as sub commander is to destroy as many enemy warships as you can. 

You have an unlimited supply or torpedoes, however the enemy forces are vast so try and make each shot count. 


Slippy Snakes

Here's another of our fantastic games from the golden age of classic arcade games, retro rules. 

Your task is simple ... survive. 

Avoid the snakes, centipedes, bullets, mushrooms and everything else that the game throws at you. 

   Robots On

Can you defeat the swarm of killer robots in this old school arcade classic. 

This is a quick moving intensive arcade game, you will need to keeps moving and keep blasting to stay alive.

Robotic Dodgeball
Avoid the bouncing balls thrown by the robots, and try to hit them by throwing your own balls.

Robotic Dodgeball, can you defeat the Galactic Champions in this friendly dodgeball competition.
Retro Racer
Fantastic sports car racing from your arcade days.

Select your car, track, number of laps ... and you're off!

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