Galatic Droids

One Million Bricks
One Million Bricks to Break.

Take the 1,000,000 brick challenge, can you break 1 million bricks ?

Don't worry, you don't have to do it all in one day, take your time - game play is saved whenever you quit.

There are hundreds of different screens and unlimited lives to keep your brick breaking frenzy fuelled.

Catch the specials to enable Multi Ball, Rocket Launchers, Super Bomb, bonus bricks, power ball, bigger bats, etc. They will all help you towards your million brick total. Don't delay, the sooner you start breaking bricks the sooner you'll complete the One Million Brick Challenge.

Download now, tell your friends and compete to be the first to complete the 1 million brick breakout challenge. #######

Download One Million Bricks and take the challenge now.

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