Galatic Droids

Pandora Storm Invasion
Pandora Storm Invasion

The box has been opened, the invaders know where we live!

Humanity is Doomed! Fact! See below *

Help save the Galaxy in this retro space arcade game. You have a handful of ships to save humanity, but a tough little blaster with some advanced shields and weaponry. You can either play a quick game for a single skirmish, or select "Galactic Campaign" to try and rid the whole galaxy of the aliens.

Collect Jewels for special features :-
Green Sapphire gem : Increase energy.
Gold Star : More fire power.
Red Ruby Heart : Extra life.

Download "Pandora Storm Invasion" now, fight as bravely and as long as you can, perhaps you can save humanity after all.

* Humanity is Doomed!

Space is infinite, with an infinite number of suns and an infinite number of planets. If only one planet in a thousand is capable of supporting life, then that's still an infinite number of alien life forms since infinity/1000 = infinity!

Of those aliens, perhaps only 1 in a billion has evolved interstellar travel ... that still means there are an infinite number of alien species out there with a serious set of wheels.

"They are evolved, they will be peaceful" I hear you say, however to survive in the first place a species needs to be aggressive in order to survive and out evolve the competition.

Say only one in a million retains its aggressive tendencies, well that still leaves an infinite number of more advanced, malevolent aliens out there that want us for breakfast.

Do your part, Download "Pandora Storm Invasion" now, start your training.

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