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Pocket Drummer 360
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This drum kit uses the compass in your phone to really place you in the middle of a full 360 degrees of drums.

You can physically spin around to play different drums and percussion instruments. So pull up a swivel chair, sit yourself down, then you can turn and play with a great set of 3D drums over an amazing 360 degrees of action.

There's a conventional drum kit, electronic drums, symbols, percussion instruments, tubular bells and a massive gong. We've also add different sets of sounds to cater for all the drummers out there. So place yourself in the middle of this virtual reality drum kit, twist and spin to bash along with your favourite tunes.

Play responsibly, play safe, sit down and don't get too dizzy.

If your phone isn't equipped with a compass, or if you prefer not to look silly spinning around in your swivel chair then simply use the tilt action instead … but its not nearly as much fun :-)

If the compass does not seem to function correctly then try rotating your device in a figure of 8, and turning it over or calibrate it in your settings screen. However the compass in some devices simply does not function correctly and will never work no matter how many times you calibrate it, don't worry you can easily switch to the tilt mode instead.

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