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Robot Table Football
These are the droids you're looking for, Download now from Google Play.

Robot Table Football Robot Table Football, Table Soccer, Foosball, fuzboll.

Now you can carry a whole foosball table around in your pocket and play anytime.

Choose your favourite robotic soccer teams :- Manchester United, Bayern Munic, Liverpool, etc Select your football strip, apply a light coat of oil to the robots and then do battle on the pitch with our robotic 3D Foosball table.

Spin the androids as fast as you can and the enjoy realistic real life physics action, its even possible to chip the ball over the goalies head to score that world cup winner in real style.

Play against the computer or set up your very own mini soccer champion tournament with your friends. Sorry this is not an online game though, you'll need to face your opponent across the dining room table on your mobile or tablet.

This soccer fantastic Robot Table Football game will keep your fingers fit if nothing else as you bounce on your sofa to cries of "Goal!". If playing in single player mode then you shoot from left to right.

Download Robot Table Football now, these are the droids you're looking for.

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