Galatic Droids

Scramble the Whirlybirds
Scramble The Whirlybirds.

Scramble your chopper, lift off. Defend the city from the UFO space Invaders
Classic arcade side shooter, can you defeat the invasion of deadly UFOs ?

The aliens are invading from space again, this time its a city landscape with the invaders perching on the top of our city sky scrapers. You must save mankind, and the city, by blasting the UFO fleet out of this world.

Your attack helicopter is equipped with a rapid fire laser cannon and unlimited smart bombs. Your task is to blast everything that moves, … er and the ones that don't move as well.

There are six levels to complete, if you manage to get that far then you'll start again with even more action! Retro arcade side shooter inspired by games like scramble and super cobra. Download “Scramble The Whirlybirds” now, the city needs you!

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