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Skee Roller

Skee Roller ball game 

If you like Skee ball then try Skee Roller with fast action, special features and super multiball action. Throw as many baseball as you can, swipe to launch each new ball. 

There is real skill involved, swipe speed and direction are important for the big points and those special bonus options. Hit the side targets for double points, extra time, special features and the mystery bonus. 

Challenge your friends, submit your score to the online global high score table. If you like ball games such as Skee ball, bowling, skittles and pinball, then try Skee Roller, its awesome! 

Traditional Skee ball games tend to limit your fun to 9 balls, with Skee Roller you're against the clock. Flick, Swipe and Throw as many balls you can can before the time runs out. 

Another from our carnival series of superb retro games, Skee Roller download it now.

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