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Spray The Bubbly
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Download “Spray The Bubbly” and you're always ready to celebrate any special occasion.

For that extra special occasion, (perhaps a wedding, a birthday or a party) its always nice to open a bottle of Champagne and spray some bubbles around. If you're all out of Champagne, and don't even have a bottle of cheap sparkling wine to hand then make sure you have our great little app installed on your phone or tablet.

Its a very simple little app, just tap anywhere on the screen to pop the cork, select from over 30 different backgrounds to celebrate Christmas, Valentines day, a new Baby, New Year, passing your driving test, moving house, the list is endless.

You can pretend to be Lewis Hamilton spraying champagne around after winning the latest grand prix race. So of course we have backgrounds featuring race cars, motorbikes and the chequered flag. From romantic sunsets, engagements, firework and birthday parties, you never know when you're going to need a bottle of sparkling wine to spray around.

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