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Table Basketball 3d
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You loved our Table Football and Table Ice Hockey games, now get the latest in the series :- Table Basketball 3d.

Its fast paced, in 3D with realistic physics and can be a high scoring game once you master shooting with the air pressure jets that throw the ball around.

Yes perhaps we should have called it Blow Basketball 3d since you use 8 high pressure nozzles to blow the basketball around the court. Once the ball gets close to an air blaster, tap it to send a high pressure jet of air out and propel the basketball upwards and hopefully towards your opponents hoop.

The controls for the air blasters are very subtle, tap closer to the center of the nozzle to throw the ball higher and more vertical. Tap behind the air blaster to throw in a flatter more horizontal arc. Since we use a realistic physics engine for ball movement you'll also need to take into consideration ball speed, position and movement, its almost as challenging and rewarding as the real thing.

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