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Tilt Roll Pets

Dexterity puzzle, tilt you phone to roll ball bearings into holes.  

This is a modern take on those old fashion dexterity games, you know the ones - you have to tilt your phone and get the little ball bearings into the holes. 

Easy right, well some are but others are extremely challenging.

Stars are awarded for each level completed, the quicker you get the balls in the holes the more stars you get. 

There are easy and hard levels. On the easy setting the balls will stick in the holes so can't come out again. On the hard setting you'll find the little ball bearings can come back out of the holes if you tilt your phones too much.

Either way, this is a simple little game to pass a few minutes while waiting for a bus or your favourite TV program to start. 

Download Tilt Roll Pets now. 

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