Galatic Droids

Watch/Clock Designer and live wallpaper

This app lets you easily design your own Clock or Watch then set it as your live wall paper. There are literally millions and trillions of possible combinations, you can select different clock faces, numbers, second, minute & hour hands, graduations, backgrounds, colors etc. 

When you first start watch/clock designer it will generate 5 random clocks to give you a start, these are accessible by the 5 numbered slots at the top of the screen. As you change and design your clocks any updates are automatically stored in these slots so there's no need to specifically save your designs. 

 Make fab clocks for special occasions like Valentines day, Christmas, birthdays, New Year, Weddings, Halloween, thanksgiving. We have lots of designs for Kids, animal lovers, car fans, engineers, dart players, space invader, arcade fans, etc. We will be adding even more designs shortly so if there is anything you want to see please drop us an email and we'll do our best to add it in.

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