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Whack It!
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Whack It :- Whack a Mole, Whack an Alien, Whack a Wabbit sorry Rabbit! 

Here's another of our fantastical 3D games from the arcades, the family classic "Whack a mole". 

Sometimes moles are just not enough ... so you can whack rabbits as well. And of course if you've played any of our other games you know we love to whack Aliens as well :-) 

Its a fun game for all the family, test your reactions and finger control, see if you can whack more rabbits then granny. 

Have fun, we reckon anything over 40 is good, with our top testers achieving into the seventies. Let us know how you get on. We're not sure if 100 is possible so let us know if you manage it.

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