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Zetta Force 7
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Zetta Force 7

Annihilation awaits the weak in this retro arcade space shooter.

You pilot that last hope of a dying galaxy, the Deuterium Space Fighter.  Can you save your Galaxy in this, the last of the great Galaxy Wars.

Your mighty star ship  is heavily armed with the latest experimental weapons and capable of taking an immense pounding from the countless galactic invaders.

In fact that's statement is not entirely true, our intelligence estimates the number of enemy forces and organic energy emitters to be 7 Zetta.  ( 7 sextillion, 7000000000000000000000, 7 * 10 to power of 21.)  You get the picture, that's a lot of invaders!

Luckily you have the most powerful fleet of space destroyers in the galaxy at your command. Your ships are capable of taking vast damage, and you have the best weapons in the known universe.  Your ship can recharge shields,  change weapons mid battle, shoot in several directions at once and collect additional space armour.

Will it be enough, download Zetta Force 7 now to find out.

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