Galatic Droids

Trick or Treat Halloween Cards

Make fabulous Halloween cards, scary pictures or party invites then share them on facebook or email them to your friends, etc.

We include lots of templates, vampires, witches, monsters, ghosts, devils, etc. None of the pictures are actually that scary - there's no blood'n'guts splatter or actually horror, its more jokey monsters and cute aliens. Have a quick look at the sample pictures and you'll see what we mean.

Anyway great fun for adults and kids alike, so bring out your creative stake and come up with some fab monster pics.

Quick Instructions :-
Use left hand side arrows to select your template picture.
Then drag pictures of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, etc onto that template.
Use +, - buttons to change the size and curved arrow buttons to rotate.
Finally add any text and share with friends using the mail box button.

App Screenshots

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